Cards missing from deck builder

Some cards are missing from deck builder, I haven't looked all that is missing but few that caught my eye:
  • Healing salve
  • Potion of Knowledge
  • Town portal scroll
Counting deck builder has 44 cards present while card database says there should be 48.
Thanks :)
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These cards actually can't be added to a deck - the game will offer them randomly (in addition to the items in your deck) during the shop phase. It's a bit weird but you'll get used to it once you see it in game!
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Cool thanks for explanation, didn't catch it from the preview tournament!
Slightly off topic : is it possible for the Query (Search) field to index the database and populate the cards on the fly as you are typing out the card name ? Sort of like what Artifactfire does. Does makes it easier if you don't know the spelling of some cards.
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