Artifact will be my first card game - any general advice?

Never played a card game before - I love DOTA2 and it's the main reason I'm interested in this.
What are some general pieces of advice you'd give to someone who have never played a card game? General things you wish you knew before you went in etc.
  1. Look up to popular streamers and pro players.
  2. wait until meta settles down, look through decks and see what you want to play, then get this cards (in case you are not ready to buy all the cards at the very beginning)
  3. You must be ready for a huge losestreak, but remember, it's just a game, and it's about to have fun
This is some general advices.
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Well, first you have to learn all the rules, so don't rush. Go on Youtube, Twitch. Try to understand how the decks are made, it's a good way to understand the mana curve, cards combo, which cards are important and how you should play with it. There was someone who used the draft simulator (from howlingmind) yersterday on twitch, it helped me a lot.
You will have 2 basic decks when you will start :
They are not strong, but i think you should focus on one deck. Red and Green cards are best for/against beginners, so i advise you to use the first one. Here is a quote from someone who already played the game :
"On the down side, I think the game is very punishing for new players and I don't know anyone who immediately fell in love with the gameplay. During the early stages of the alpha, everybody thought Red was OP because, assuming your opponent wasn't also playing red, you could lock them out of plays turn after turn with Duels and Berserkers Calls and various stuns. It was like playing Magic against a Land Destruction deck game after game. Eventually people started to come around and realize that the game wasn't lost for other colors even if Red denies them all plays for the first 3 turns (and oftentimes using up a precious Duel to kill a hero turn 1 wasn't even correct), and by playing around initiative you can cast the spell you most need to despite your opponent's numerous disables. However this is just one of the hurdles new players must get over before the game becomes really enjoyable, and I am still unsure if enough people will find the payoff worth the effort."
Thanks for the tips!
My best advice is to play a lot, follow what is happening on 2-3 websites that posts and updates changes in meta. Read guides as they get published on Artibuff and follow them on Twitter.
Drink coffee, wear a cool t-shirt and "Git gud" :-)
better familiarize with the cards and rules of artifact. you can then proceed to learn advance mechanics. its better to play with bots until u get the hang of it then u can play against humans.
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