[$ 40 Prizepool] 3rd Draft Tournament [128 Cap] [KO SE]

3rd eSports Trading Artifact Tournament
Prize: $ 40 (1st = $ 20 Steam-Code + Tournament Champion Discord Role / 2nd = $ 10 Steam-Code / 3rd-4th = $ 5 Steam-Code)
Player Cap: 128
Deck Rules: Registred Call to Arms Draft
Format: KO Single Elimination
Discord: https://discord.gg/wSJPwKc (>4600 members)
We also decided to give our tournament keys 30 minutes earlier (19:00 CET) to those who are subscribed to us on twitch (link can be found on our server) & streamers who plan to stream the tournament on twitch or youtube. (As soon as a subscriber connected his twitch account with discord, he will get access to an invisible channel on our server where I post the keys 30 minutes earlier.)
On the one hand this will help us to fund & increase the prizepools of our tournaments and on the other hand you will get a guaranteed spot for all of our tournaments during your subscription & additional benefits on our discord server.
And we are looking for 1-2 people who are experienced in streaming who would like to commentate & stream our tournaments on our twitch channel. If you are interessted, feel free to contact me on discord for further details.
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Prizepool has been increased from 15 Packs ($30 Steam-Codes) to 20 Packs ($40 Steam-Codes).