Draft Tournament [15 Pack Prize] [128 Cap] [KO-SE] [19:30 CET - 9.12.]

2nd Artifact Tournament
Player Cap: 128
Start: 19:30 CET - 9.12.2018
Prizes: 1st = 10 Packs + Tournament Champion Discord Role / 2nd = 5 Packs
Deck Rules: Registred Call to Arms Draft
Format: KO Single Elimination
Invite Code: Will be posted 30 minutes before the tournament starts on our discord and in our steam group.
Also feel free to join our almost 5000 member strong Discord community: https://discord.gg/wSJPwKc
We hope you enjoy our Artifact tournament!
Suggestions and feedback are much appreciated!
Hey, a timely announcement :-) Are all participants starting at the same time or would it be possible to join a little later?