Draft Tournament [10 Packs Prize] [64 Players] [Swiss 6R] 21:30 CET

1st Artifact Tournament
Prize: 10 Packs
Player Cap: 64
Start: 21:30 CET - 4.12.2018
Deck Rules: Registred Call to Arms Draft
Format: Swiss
Series: Single Match (Draws Allowed)
Rounds: 6
Also feel free to join our Discord Server -> https://discord.gg/wSJPwKc
We hope you enjoy our first Artifact tournament!
Suggestions and feedback are much appreciated!
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Feedback: Don't announce the tournament right before it starts ;-) I would've joined if I saw it a little earlier.
Same as Socram
Make sure to enter the tournament code in the upper-right on https://www.artibuff.com/tourneys - we'll track the data!
Thanks for your feedback. I will keep announcing tournaments at least a day before they start.
& thanks @ Camcorder for letting me know. Ive just added it. :)