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Forum GuidelinesWelcome to the Artibuff forums, a space for sharing content and having thoughtfu...0rokmanrokman
Artifact - Interview with Darick "CHARM3R" OswaltI was so privileged to interview Darick during the live stream from Beyond the s...1PogSzPogSzThunderhide AlphaThunderhide Alpha
Is This Dead Site ?Last Active 2 Months ago :(0brainless pinoybrainless pinoy
Artifact tournament codeis it possbile for artibuff to include the tournament code in tour history? I wa...0RevengeRRevengeR
Deck DatabaseHi, can we get a category to view decks? Published by users, used in tournaments...2||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Artibuff winrate and pickrate hasn't been updated in more th...I followed the numbers until the centesimal house, they've been exactly the same...12PablogeloPablogeloUsage Critic BilgeUsage Critic Bilge
Tournament card stats?What's the difference in the card stats section between tournament mode and the...0stanelstanel
Why can't you see the deck of the wepaly tournament?Since you cannot see the detailed tournament deck, can you provide the complete ...1刘华强刘华强unsaneunsane
How Do We Submit Missing Tournaments?WePlay Europe Open #5 (ATC_66541_1317279037) is missing, while the other 5 have ...1unsaneunsanerokmanrokman
Search sometimes hitting the wrong cardsFor example, searching for "veil" gives as results Assassin's Veil (fine) and St...1Dutch GeckoDutch Geckounsaneunsane
Cards translationHey guys Is it possible to use ArtiBuff with cards translated in other game lan...2VoxenVoxenSoMuchLove4USoMuchLove4U
[$ 40 Prizepool] 3rd Draft Tournament [128 Cap] [KO SE] 3rd eSports Trading Artifact Tournament **Prize:** $ 40 (1st = $ 20 Steam-Co...1OctaneOctaneOctaneOctane
Draft Tournament [10 Packs Prize] [64 Players] [Swiss 6R] 21...**1st Artifact Tournament** Prize: 10 Packs Player Cap: 64 Start: 21:30 CET...4OctaneOctaneOctaneOctane
Draft Tournament [15 Pack Prize] [128 Cap] [KO-SE] [19:30 CE...2nd Artifact Tournament Player Cap: 128 Start: 19:30 CET - 9.12.2018 Prizes...1OctaneOctaneSocramSocram
Synergies tablesIt would be nice to be able to see synergy for all cards (not just for the first...1Mine turtleMine turtleCamcorderCamcorder
How card statistic generated and how to know about tourneys?1.I have noticed that in concstructed some card synergies have 100%?so is it so ...2Zerg-ShadowZerg-ShadowZerg-ShadowZerg-Shadow
Tournament Statistic not updated?Hi! I just created (and finished) the tournament, but looks like my tournament i...3@RosesaGaming@RosesaGaming@RosesaGaming@RosesaGaming
Which call to arms event deck do you guys think is the stron...I feel like green machine is really good cause of drow and mono green (consisten...0MmatMmat
Where does Artibuff get it's match data from?Like, how does Artibuff know card win-rates and such?1TotemTotemSocramSocram
How do you load a deck you've saved previously?For the life of me I cannot figure this out. Is it not a feature? I'd say this i...1RydaRydaCamcorderCamcorder
Is artibuff going to have player stats?Hi guys Are we going to get the player stats as with Dotabuff? I hope so! Th...3pageppageppageppagep
Draft Tournament this Friday, 11/30, $20 steam gift card pri...Occurring at 6PM PST/8PM CST/ 9PM EST, NO ENTRY FEES, the prize will be a $20 st...0NemesisNemesis
Meepo`s AbilityMeepo`s Ability in this website is continuous effect, why its have cooldown? and...5iConiQiConiQSelemeneSelemene
Artifact will be my first card game - any general advice?Never played a card game before - I love DOTA2 and it's the main reason I'm inte...5LaurenLaurenxYamixYami
Artifact Funny & Random Moments ep.1 WorldArtifact WorldArtifact WorldArtifact World
Cards missing from deck builderHey! Some cards are missing from deck builder, I haven't looked all that is mis...3SiimSiimKaizenKaizen
Condemn itemsHello there. There is a question about items mechanics. If [cardtip:axe] will b...3ispisp_ispisp_iConiQiConiQ
Introducing myself - POGSZ and a tribute to Joel LarsonGood evening everybody! My name is Petur Reynisson 49 years young, so I have be...0PogSzPogSz
Signed Hero CardsI wonder how booster packs works, I mean, when you get a Hero in a booster pack ...2RUFORUFOplasse10plasse10
Card CombosWhat card combos are you excited for? Zeus, ogre, multicast with thundergod wrat...3Giovanni Giorgio (keo)Giovanni Giorgio (keo)ispisp_ispisp_
Artifact Preview Tournament hosted by BTS*Players:* 128 *Format:* 2x Draft Swiss, then cut to top 8 Draft *Watch on:* S...3DropbearDropbearDropbearDropbear