Patch 1.2.272, Chaos Blitz, and Puzzles

Patch 1.2.272, Chaos Blitz, and Puzzles

Patch 1.2.272 Notes

Item Card Changes:

  • : Cleave increased from +2 to +4
  • : Added "Equipped hero's attackers have -1 Armor"
  • cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • cost reduced from 6 gold to 4 gold
  • cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • cost reduced from 10 gold to 9 gold
  • cost reduced from 10 gold to 9 gold
  • cost reduced from 12 gold to 10 gold
  • cost reduced from 13 gold to 10 gold
  • cost reduced from 15 gold to 14 gold
  • cost reduced from 15 gold to 12 gold
  • cost reduced from 15 gold to 12 gold

Private Lobby & Tournament Changes:

  • Added Random Two Color deck option for private lobbies and tournaments. This gives both players different randomized 2-color decks in each match.
  • Added Speed Timer option for private lobbies and tournaments. This allows players 10 seconds to take each action.
  • Automated Open Tournaments are now 'Chaos Blitz'. Chaos Blitz is Random Two Color, Speed Timer, 8 player free-for-all lasting for 1 hour and 30 minutes

Bug Fixes & Other Changes:

  • Hovering gold in the HUD displays the amount of gold spent but not yet revealed through playing items (this is a clue rather than an exact amount because of hidden information with Hold, , etc.)
  • Fixed combat arrows not appearing sometimes
  • Fixed issue with spawn particles
  • Fixed losing a few seconds from the action timer after deployment
  • Fixed tournament draft replays not showing selected cards
  • Fixed long persona names getting cut off
  • Fixed crosslane targets sometimes not showing in Last Action text.
  • Fixed Chat Wheel lines for , , , and .
  • Reduced low end noise in deck building ambient audio
  • Added particle effects for some passive abilities Slightly reduced draw card animation speed (time between draws remains the same)
  • Slightly increased the time between Eclipse beams (intro/outro time remains the same)
  • Improved stability
  • Updated localization files


  • Still in it for the long haul

Gold Changes to Items

I find these item changes to be pretty interesting. My first thought, is why would Valve do this? Just tuning it a bit, hoping players would come back and try it out? Or maybe there is a deeper reason behind these changes? Maybe the Gold change to was too much of a buff and other items had to be changed as well, to compensate? Maybe the answer is actually a little of both.
The biggest loser from this Patch is obviously , who was already fairly unusable in both Constructed and Draft. After these changes, I don't think he'll have a chance to shine for quite some time.
Buffing is something I can really get behind. This is a direct buff to Heroes such as and , who desperately needed some love, lifting them up in the ranks of Red Heroes. Unfortunately, I don’t think this change is enough for them to dethrone the likes of , , or any time soon.

Chaos Blitz

I’ve spent a lot of time playing Chaos Blitz (partly the reason this Patch Analysis took so long! Sorry, Ha!) and I want to say I’ve had an absolute blast. This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to enjoy Artifact right now. It's even more fun when you can play against someone you know, and talk about the match afterward.
Unfortunately, Valve didn't make it explicitly clear on how to challenge your friends with this new mode. Go to "Challenge a Friend" under the Social Play tab. From there, change the Timer to "Speed Timer" and Deck Rules to "Random 2-Color". This way, you'll be able to play Chaos Blitz with a friend!
So yeah, Chaos Blitz is a lot of fun, it's really great, but I've spent a lot of time thinking -- who is this game mode really for?
It’s definitely not for acquiring new players, because of the extremely fast in-game timer and being given a totally random deck, it’s not enough time for new players to learn the cards in their hands or even understand the rules and mechanics of Artifact.
It’s also not really for players who have a limited amount of time in the game and already left (like the 50,000+ that left after a week or two after launch). They already have a fraction of an understanding of the game, and will likely need a drastic overhaul to re-invest their time and energy into Artifact.
My best guess is this game really clicks most with an already dedicated fan base, that wanted something "fun". And in my opinion, this game mode is a great test of skill for those dedicated players. Because of the short amount of time, players are forced to play with “gut feeling” plays more often, forcing you to learn how to correct your “gut feeling” when you make a misplay.
So how is Chaos Blitz going help Artifact’s pathetically low concurrent player totals? Unfortunately, it isn't going to do much. However, Valve told us they are still in it for the long haul... Maybe that big patch is coming soon? Let's cross our fingers that one can make a difference!

Mutation cards?

After the latest patch API was updated, some users found some interesting cards in the game’s code, which are called “Mutation Cards”…
  • Double Bounties - Enemy heroes in all lanes have +5 Bounty. Enemy creeps in all lanes have +1 Bounty. Everyone's Fast - Allied heroes in all lanes have Rapid Deployment.
  • Gold Rush - Before the shopping phase, get 9 gold.
  • Mana Boost - Your towers in all lanes have +1 Mana. Before the shopping phase, modify Mana Boost with "Your towers in all lanes have +1 Mana."
  • Misty World - After the hero deployment phase, modify each ally in all lanes with +1 Attack.
  • One Quarter Dead - Your towers in all lanes have -10 Health. Your ancients in all lanes have -10 Health.
  • One Scroll, Please - Play Effect: Put a Town Portal Scroll card into your hand.
  • The Factory - Before the card draw phase, put a Golden Ticket card into your hand.
I would assume these cards would eventually be part of something like Hearthstone's Brawl Mode, or even an adventure style mode, to change the rules up a bit. I guess it could also be used for a “Mutator Mode” similar to DotA, where players can set up their own lobbies with adjusted rules.


Around the same time the online community was discovering the Mutation cards, some members of the community realized something that had apparently been there the whole time -- Custom Puzzle options!
These Puzzle files have been in your game’s directory this whole time! They allow players to load up a generated game mode, with specific decks, and different rules. The final text file, “tutorial3.txt” basically explains how to make your own Puzzle! You can guess what users started doing…

Anomidae’s “Smash the Ancient”

It's you versus Sniper and his posse, but this ain't no ordinary game of Artifact! Sniper's towers all have 6000 hp, and his ancient has 5700 HP. Your ancient has 1hp, as does your two towers. You only have one shot, to take down Sniper’s ancient of 5700 hp. Luckily, you have the power of blue/green in your hand. Can you manage to rack up the damage and take down the ancient? Pastebin Download.

Anomidae’s “Red Mist Survival”

This is a survival game where you are stonehall, defending against the red mist invaders and their friends. The objective is to survive until round 10. If you can make it to round 10, the enemy will concede and you win. You have an arsenal of creeps and items on your side - but be weary, the red mist is ready to strike! This isn't so much a "puzzle" as much as it is a game mode. By the way, if you lose even one tower, you won't last long, so be sure to stage a good defense! Pastebin Download.

Anomidae’s “Dark Night”

This is similar to “Smash the Ancient”, but less extreme. This is a simple creep puzzle utilizing some of the more interesting mechanics of black. The card draws are specific, the creep positions are accounted for, and if you mess up, the puzzle will restart itself automatically! Have fun figuring this one out! Pastebin Download.

Anomidae’s “Dark Night 2”

This Is a sequel to Dark Night! Is it harder? Easier? Don’t know! The only thing that Dark Night 2 has in common with Dark Night, is that it's a puzzle revolving around mono-black needing to hit an ancient. This one is quite tricky! Pastebin Download.

Anomidae’s “Versus Storm”

Versus Storm is a new series of Puzzles! Alternatively, I should have titled this one "evening at taco bell" (if you understand the reference, then you also just got a hint!) This time, featuring Red/Blue! Pastebin Download.

Martianmangaka’s “Mana Break”

The objective of this puzzle is very simple, to win this turn. The game starts from 6 mana. The AI's starting hand are 3 , 3 , and 3 . Pastebin Download.

Opchip’s “Find the Out”

This puzzle is based on a scenario Opchip faced in a draft game, so that if he had played his spells in a different order, he wouldn’t have had lethal... Opchip spiced up the specific scenario a bit for his first puzzle! Pastebin Download.

How to Play Puzzles:

  1. Right Click Artifact in your Steam Library, click Properties, Select “Set Launch Options...”, type in “-dev -console”, Click OK.
  2. Hit the Download button in the pastebins linked above, Save it in your Steam directory, “../steam/steamapps/common/artifact/game/dcg/puzzles" (if the folder 'puzzles' doesn't exist, Create one).
  3. Launch Artifact and hit the tilde key (~) Top left, under Escape. In the console, type in “load_puzzle ___” In the blank, put in the saved file’s name. For example, “load_puzzle smash_the_ancient” or “load_puzzle all_skill”. Press ~ again to close console, and enjoy!
Starfox72 [FR]
Very interesting articles. Same here, I mostly play constructed but want to explore more the draft mode. The secret cards and mode sounds exciting. I hope it will get released one day...