WePlay's Agility tournament decks posted!

WePlay's Agility tournament decks posted!
Mighty Triad: Agility is the second tournament hosted by WePlay, introducing the Artifact esports scene in a fantastic three stage tournament! If you'd like to play in the Open Qualifiers for the next tournament, titled "Intelligence", you can apply on the WePlay website here.
To watch the Agility tournament, tune into Twitch tomorrow! The group stage kicks off tomorrow, January 15, 2019 at 5:00 AM PST! For the full Group Stage Schedule, check here. As for the player's decks, they were just posted on the WePlay website here!
The tournament has a rock-star set of Shoutcasters:

Group Stage deck totals

  • 21 Red/Green Ramp
  • 9 Mono Blue
  • 6 Mono Red
  • 5 Black/Red Aggro
  • 5 Red/Black Midrange
  • 3 Black/Red Payday
  • 3 Red/Blue Control
  • 2 Black/Blue Payday
  • 2 Blue/Green Combo
  • 2 Quad Red/Black Midrange MaggoGx, Shana
  • 1 Black/Blue Aggro Petrify
  • 1 Blue/Black Payday Real_MAN
  • 1 Mono Black DrHippi
  • 1 Quad Blue/Green Ramp VinKelsier
  • 1 Red/Black Aggro Lumi
  • 1 Green/Red Ramp Mugibaby