An interview with Hoej

An interview with Hoej
I spoke with Hoej about his experience in the WePlay Might Triad: Strength tournament. In our conversation, we touched on preparing for the tournament, deck list changes, as well as reflecting on Hoej's performance. Hoej is currently playing both Hearthstone and Artifact, as well as streaming on Twitch.
In the WePlay Mighty Triad: Strength tournament, Hoej blazed through the Group Stage without dropping a game, and defeated every opponent in the Bracket Stage, again without dropping a single game. Even pairing up against his teammate and testing partner, Xixo. In the finals, Hoej faced Hyped, and after a brutal 3 game series, he lost 2-1 and ended up being the tournament Runner-up.
Hoej's deck however has become a staple of the meta. Red/Black Aggro, spawning many variants. Hoej's list features heavy and an often overlooked card, . In the Group stage, he surprised the competition with 2 in his Item deck.

What was it like preparing for the tournament with Xixo?

Hoej - We practice together a lot. We didn’t have before the Auction House opened and as we had to submit our decklist only nine hours after it went live, it was mainly theory crafting. A lot of people think because we have been in the Beta for a long time the entire meta game is figured out, however, no one played a similar version like this in the Beta.

How did you decide on a final decklist with Xixo?

Hoej - We were not sure if we wanted to bring Red/Black midrange or this aggro version. We decided to bring the aggro version as this was the first real constructed tournament, so we thought we could punish people that brought greedy and wacky decks.
It took some time before ended in the deck because at first, we didn’t think the card was any good. However, it’s a really important card in this deck, because it is not only good on turn 1 but also later when you combo it with oath/ladder for extra damage.

Group Stage deck list

Did you feel confident going into the Group stage after you saw Xixo’s performance in his group?

Hoej - Yeah! At first, I was not sure how good the deck would perform, but after watching Xixo I defiantly got a bit more confident. Also, I was not sure how good this deck would perform in different matchups as we didn’t have that much time for practice.
I knew most of the players from my Hearthstone background and have played against them before. I knew MrYagut had played a lot of Artifact in the beta, so he was probably the player with most experience. I felt I had a pretty good chance with my deck after seeing their decklist because two of them were decks, which is too slow against my aggro deck. Rdu brought an off-meta deck, so I did really not know what to expect from him.

What do you think about the time-out losses in the tournament?

Hoej - I like that we only have a limited amount of time. It increases the skill level and it’s more entertaining for the viewers. In the beginning of Hearthstone there were no time limit and some of the games took hours, so I think it’s a really important feature.

Changes prior to Bracket Stage


Bracket Stage deck list

How did you decide on those changes for the Bracket Stage?

Hoej - I played some test game against Blue/Green combo and I felt the deck often was too slow, so I added . I also got the idea from the Casters that could be good. It also got synergy with , so you can get the 8 damage from it or protect it from creeps.

How confident were you going into the Bracket Stage?

Hoej - Not that confident since we could change our decks, so the super aggro deck was no longer a surprise. However, I got happy when most people didn’t change so much in their decks. I was most worried about playing against either Hyped or Xixo.

In the top 8, you had to face Xixo, did you talk about the possibility of playing one another prior to the Bracket Stage?

Hoej - Yeah. We were thinking about bringing two different decks, since it didn’t really make sense for us to bring the same because we could face each other in the second round. Say I lost the first round to Naiman it would also be likely that Xixo would lose, so we were thinking about bringing two different decks to increase the chance that one of us got in top 4. However, we felt the aggro version was too strong so we both brought it.

In the top 4, you faced MieGod, who ran a fairly unique Red/Green list. Were you worried about in the matchup?

Hoej - Nope, I was not that scared of , because I normally would kill him even before he used his first Ravage. Also, it’s not that important to have initiative vs my deck as Red/Green since they don’t have any board wipe.

In the finals versus Hyped, what were you thinking prior to the match?

Hoej - I think I had a fine chance since I had not lost a game at this point. Also, Xixo defeated Fr0zen and I think he played the same list as Hyped. However, I knew Hyped is a really good player, so I of course I thought the series would be difficult.
I think the final had some great games. The play I was mostly happy about was the end of the second game, where I duel his to stop him from refresh Mana and ulti and then afterwards I ganked one of his creep to setup lethal with .

How do you feel about your performance?

Hoej - I’m happy how I performed this tournament, because I thought I would do way more mistakes going into this tournament as it was my first constructed tournament.
I think the deckbuilding was a huge reason that I got so far in this tournament. Looking back, I think the only changes that could have benefited me would possible be 3 , only 1 , and 3 .

Thank you for your time, any shoutouts? And where can people follow you?

Hoej - I wanna give shoutout to my teammate Xixo and my twin brother Nikolaj for helping me with decklists.
You can follow me on Twitter @Hoej_hs