Patch 1.1 is here

Patch 1.1 is here

Call to Arms event updated

The Call to Arms Event received a significant update. A "Random" option is now available as a deck choice. Two entirely new decks were added, a Mono Blue deck called "Death from Above" and a Mono Black deck called "Dark Aggro". And lastly, a Win streak counter is now displayed on each deck, showing who in the entire world has accumulated the longest win streak! How far did you get with each deck?

Death from Above

Similar to the Mono Blue deck by Raena that made a splash in the SeatStory Cup X EU Qualifier, "Death from Above" features powerful end game spells such as , , , and . Mono Blue is considered one of the most difficult decks to pilot, because of how weak it is in the early game against stronger Heroes, like those in the House of the Bold. If you can stay alive long enough, you might just be able to win on the back of a or two!

Dark Aggro

"Dark Aggro" is about as Aggro as it gets. and is all this deck needs to make it the fiercest Call to Arms pre-constructed deck available. The biggest drain on the deck is of course , but Mono Black can be extremely punishing to new players, so the deck needed a weak link included. Personally, I have the most fun playing this deck, because of how easily it can 80 an Ancient compared to the other pre-constructed decks. If you're opponent isn't prepared, you can really surprise them!

Open Tournaments

An often requested feature, now the in-game client can setup Open Tournaments for players, without the need for coordinating outside the game in something like Discord or Reddit. For some, there is at least recognition for the Pauper Mode, a mode where you can only build Constructed decks with Common cards. Surprisingly, this is still quite a fun format to play in, even if there are very few cards available. Once new sets are released in the future, expanding the amount of Common cards in the game, this will definitely be a fun game mode to keep your eye on!
In the Open Tournaments function, tournaments are set up in a "Free-For-All" mode, where players are paired up against one another randomly, and whoever wins the most games in the allotted time is the winner. This isn't a feature I would use much, because I don't like this "Free-For-All" Tournament structure, but the option is there for those that want to play in a tournament quickly. It is still possible to setup your own Pauper tournaments, if you so desired.

Unit Chat wheels

One of my most anticipated features in the 1.1 Update was an in-game chat system. I love to break down significant plays with my opponent, to better understand decision making, or even to applaud my opponent when they make a critical play. But most importantly, I really enjoy "BMing" my opponent.
With the default keybinds, if you hover over a card and press "Y" a Chat wheel will pop-up, allowing you to choose from various lines. Each character, even and the Tower, have lines recorded. There is an option for Custom lines, which is essentially an open chat.
For those of you who aren't interested in hearing talk trash to you after she plays a off Initiative, you can always disable this feature in the top right settings button, while in game. And if you're so inclined, you can also invite your opponent to a Steam Chat whenever you like. But let's all work together and not be a toxic community, okay?

Bot Gauntlets

For those of you that enjoy playing the game alone, against AI controlled Bots, Valve has added a wonderful feature for you! Similar to the Gauntlet modes in Casual and Expert, you can now bring a Constructed deck to a Bot Gauntlet. Here, you'll face increasingly difficult decks in an attempt to reach five wins before losing twice. There is also an AI difficulty option, ranging from Basic to Hard. Can you become the AI Bot King and defeat five bots in a row?

Color Blind support

While I am not color blind, I do however LOVE the option to display the House Banners on cards. It's a wonderful addition that really elevates the experience of sifting through cards in your hand. It also gives the Houses in the game that extra identity to separate them from one another. I highly recommend playing a few games with this feature on, just to see if it's right for you. In the settings menu, there are two new features to support Color Blind players.
  • Color Blind Mode
  • Color Suit Banners
Color Blind Mode changes the colors of card borders to be easier for those who suffer from color blindness. In the image below, you can see the 's Red is much darker and 's Green is much lighter.
The default settings have "Hide Color Suit Banners" selected. If you de-select this option in the Settings menu, under "System", you'll enable the House Banners on all cards. I also enjoy this setting because it adds the House Banners under the Collection tab, giving each card a more distinct indication of their color while browsing through the list mode.

Artifact 1.1 Patch Notes

  • Added two new decks: Death From Above and Dark Aggro.
  • Added random mode: each game you'll be given a new random deck from the Call To Arms gauntlet.
  • Added maximum win-streak leaderboards for each deck with Global and Friends filters.
  • Added unit chat wheels accessible in-game. Every creep and hero has custom voice lines accessible by pressing 'Y' when hovering that unit, or by doing a long hold of the left mouse button. Towers and improvements also support the chat wheel.
  • Unit chat wheels have an option for custom lines to allow general in-match chat.
  • Added the ability to request a Steam Chat with your current opponent either during the game, accessible through their nameplate in the HUD, or from the end-of-match screen.
  • Opponent’s chat wheel messages can be muted, either through the in-game or through the message itself.
  • Added new Free-For-All tournament type. This is a less-structured mode where all participants can play against each other (up to specified time or rematch limits). The event winner is determined by whoever has the most wins over the course of the event.
  • Added Open Tournaments. These are tournaments that are created and maintained automatically by Artifact. For this first release, each Open Tournament will last three hours and have between 16 and 64 players participating in a Free-For-All using only common cards.
  • Added the ability to adjust many tournament options after tournament creation, for instance maximum player count, series types, or rounds of Swiss.
  • Added Color Blind Mode option: when enabled, this will separate card colors more on the luminance scale the in game and various UI.
  • Added Color Suit Banners option: when enabled, this will add flags to the face of each card representing its color. Added Bot Gauntlet where after each win you will go up against a tougher deck.
  • Fixed the 'Minimize Shop' button not appearing during the shopping phase if you had no cards in your hand.
  • Fixed an issue where optional unit ‘subtitle’ chat bubbles would sometimes not follow animating cards. Fixed an issue where users with IMEs enabled couldn't use certain keyboard shortcuts (eg., spacebar for pushing the pass coin).
  • Fixed an issue where you could unintentionally add multiple copies of the cards required to complete your set before making a Steam Market purchase.
  • Fixed the deck editor text filter not doing partial matches for Hangul characters.
  • Fixed an issue where cards cloned by Ogre Magi's Multicast or ...And One For Me that were later locked wouldn't have the visual lock indicator in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the deck editor would unhelpfully remember an earlier state when loading initially (eg., your deck from a completed draft).
  • Fixed Path of the Wise taking an unnecessarily long time to return control to the player.
  • Fixed a client crash that would happen when previewing certain effects on a card that was about to be destroyed by an opponent action.
  • Fixed a rare client crash after an opponent played certain cards.
  • Fixed a rare client crash when looking at a tower's damage preview tooltip in unusual cases.
  • Easy bot difficulty is now a little easier.
  • Updated the localization files.

Check out Valve's Patch 1.1 post on the Artifact blog.