WePlay Mighty Triad: Strength Group Stage

WePlay Mighty Triad: Strength Group Stage

Most Popular Decks from the Group Stage

Blue/Green Combo

Of the Players that went 2-0 in each group, half of them were playing Blue/Green Combo! StrifeCro, Lumi, HotMEOWTH, and Hyped. (Click on the names to see deck lists) Although, Hyped's list was adjusted. Running over , skipping entirely, opting to run 3 instead.
Combo has quite an advantage over Red/Black Hero Killer variants and this tournament was filled with many different variations. Of the five Blue/Green players in the tournament, the only one that didn't advance was PMayne, running a unique list, which favored Heroes like , , and , focusing on strictly getting as many units on the board.
The deck in general performed very well, purely because of the power of . When piloted by a skillful player, utilizing Initiative to it's maximum potential, there isn't much you can do against the deck. I'm excited to see how far this deck can go in the Bracket stage of the tournament!
You can read more about Blue/Green Combo in the Defining the Constructed Meta article.

Black/Red Aggro

This is a deck I wasn't expecting to see in the tournament. It's a heavy Black Deck that focuses on squeezing in as much damage as possible thanks to , , , and . The deck also plays a few interesting creep units for Red, like and .
Hoej gave an interview to VPesports about his list, which can be viewed here. In the interview, he explains why you have to run either or , just so you have the potential to push for 80 damage on an Ancient. Without either of those cards, the Ancient push isn't very feasible. Xixo ran a list identical to Hoej, with both players winning their group, 2-0.
I don't think this deck has that favorable of a matchup versus Combo. Thankfully for both Hoej and Xixo, neither of them ran into any during the group stage. We'll see in the Bracket Stage if the Black/Red Aggro deck can stand up against Combo!

Black/Red Aggro and Payday

While this deck might seem like a riff on the Red/Black Hero Killer deck, it's more of a modified Black/Red Aggro list. Dog piloted the deck in Group H and finished with a solid 2-0, finishing first place in the group. This deck basically prioritizes , , and over things like , , and . By going in a more Gold focus, the deck has access to powerful Item cards like and any potential interesting items in the Secret Shop!
In my opinion, this is a fairly weak variant to the deck. This strategy relies heavily on getting and early in the matchup, to give you a better opportunity to purchase your high-end Items from the Item deck. If you don't draw into these early enough, you could be in for a difficult matchup. I will say, this list will likely perform better than the Hero Killer deck I talked about in a previous article, because this deck uses instead of . By doing that, this deck at least has a way to finish a game out, if it doesn't draw into the gold generation cards.

Red/Black Aggro Lock

I really wanted this deck to perform well. If you weren't already aware, is one of my absolute favorite Black cards. To my delight, this deck plays an entire set! It also uses one of my favorite Black Heroes, , and uses a very peculiar card, , which if played properly, can win games on its own. Unfortunately, none of the four players who used this variant advanced to the Bracket stage of the tournament. dpmlicious, Pavel, and GameKing all ran the exact same list.
This is a fantastic Lock deck, however, because of 's immense power. By using on curve, you can prevent important cards from being played by your opponent. Things that control the entire tempo, when played on curve. Cards like , , and . By preventing your opponent from playing these cards, you can actually buy yourself another turn or two to finish off a tower. Unfortunately, this deck only runs to really push for quicker tower kills. It really needs things like or , to take advantage of the extra time bought by .

Red/Green Ramp

Lifecoach popularized this deck on Day One of the event, showing everybody how powerful the deck can be when piloted properly. is one of the most powerful and devastating cards in the game currently. When you can accelerate playing it by using and , it only makes the card that much more game-breaking. Pair this with 's and a handful of , and you've got yourself a very competitive deck.
SuperJJ and Wifecoach played the exact same list as Lifecoach's, likely developing the deck together. Both Lifecoach and SuperJJ made it into the bracket stage, with only Wifecoach falling short. In her elimination match, Wifecoach went up against Naiman, who was running a slightly modified Green/Red Ramp list, which was slightly more optimized for the mirror match.
I'd also like to mention MeiGod's deck. He opted to use over the more common or ! He chose to roll the dice with 's Active Ability, Ravage, hoping to save it for a clutch moment in a match and potentially stun the opponent's lane. This intrigues me, because both Ravage and 's signature card , rely on a Red Hero's positioning. Unfortunately for MeiGod, many opponent's knew this was going to happen, and generally avoided 's lane, all together. With a measly 2 Attack on the Hero, it's not like he can rush down a Tower on his own, when left by himself.
I'll also be taking a deeper dive into the top performing deck lists, later on in the week. So stay tuned on Artibuff.com!

On to the Bracket Stage

The most interesting thing about entering the Bracket Stage is that all participants are allowed to bring a new deck, if they wish. What do you think people will do? Will the Combo players play something different? Will the Black/Red Aggro players adjust? Will MeiGod drop Tidehunter from his Red/Green Ramp list? All complicated questions... I guess we'll have to wait and see what the players do when the tournament goes live!
The Bracket Stage begins streaming on December 3, 2018 at 6:00 AM PST on WePlay's Twitch channel!
The Bracket Stage is now LIVE! Tune in!