Artifact has released!

Artifact has released!


The first comic, Prelude, explains a bit of the backstory in Artifact, as well as some clues for a few easter eggs hidden in the game. First, the game board is played over a House of the Cunning Banner. Second, the comic mentions a city called "City of Ember", could the lit up city in the background of the home page be this very city? Is that where Jolixia is traveling to?
The follow up comic, Call to Arms, was just released!


Join us in the game!

You can purchase Artifact from the Steam Store Page and hop in the game right now! If you want to catch up on how to play Artifact, what decks are good in the Constructed Format, what the free Call to Arms event is, or even what tournaments are upcoming, check out our other articles on the Blog! Have fun and see you in game!