Where to watch Artifact today

Where to watch Artifact today
Today the NDA lifts on Artifact, allowing Twitch streamers to begin flooding the airwaves with their gameplay, commentary, and limited runs! Of course hundreds of people will be streaming today and it might be confusing trying to figure out which stream can offer the best information and gameplay. Here's out list of recommendations to watch until the game releases!


Streamers will begin streaming at 4:00 PM PST TODAY, November 17, 2018!


  • Kripp is a long time Hearthstone player and streamer, mostly known for his high skill level in the Arena, often finishing in the top 100 Blizzard rankings. I'd say it would be a safe bet to assume Kripp will be one of the top Limited players in Artifact!

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  • Purge has been an analyst and commentator at the past five DotA 2 International Tournaments! He has a popular video series where he teaches the game of DotA and is often creating videos and guides helping the community understand high level concepts in games.

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